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 Recently, many communities in Beijing, Guangzhou and other places have appeared express cabinets "burst warehouse" phenomenon, and some couriers have robbed cabinets。Some people even occupy the empty cabinet with items other than express mail the day before delivery, and it is convenient to use the next day。However, most of this robbery is the use of free express cabinets to operate。At present, most intelligent express cabinet enterprises can not find an effective profit model, there will be an imbalance between supply and demand explosion phenomenon, how to effectively make profits is intelligent express cabinet enterprises need to think about。Then smart delivery cabinets are losing money?Or conform to the needs of social development?

In fact, smart express cabinets do not stop at intelligence。Express + advertising + e-mall + community service, a full package。Its essence is a kind of intelligent service type full media product。Express smart lockers and iot smart express lockers are deeply integrated with all aspects of life, and the market potential is great。But now it is still the stage of burning money to cultivate consumer habits, there will be some different voices。

With the surge in the volume of e-commerce packages in China,Express delivery has become one of the daily high-frequency hard needs of residents in the community,The last 100 meters of the logistics industry bring many problems to the community: resident safety, property management, delivery efficiency of couriers, etc,The intelligent express cabinet is used as the end distribution tool,It will become the mainstream way to solve the end distribution。At present, SF Express (a subsidiary company of Fengchao technology product provider New Beiyang), Jingdong and other industry giants have entered the smart express cabinet project, and strive to be the most effective solution at the end of the logistics chain。Whether it is community O2O, community media advertising or community logistics or fresh electricity suppliers, it is a trillion-level market。It is consistent with the high-end construction trend of smart city, smart community and digital Internet city。
  It is under such a general trend, Shenzhen Weijingli Electronics Co., Ltd. is committed to developing a set of 24-hour self-service open platform for all express companies, property companies, e-commerce logistics - intelligent express cabinets, in order to provide platform express receiving and mailing interactive business。Weijingli Electronics company has professional technology, excellent team, can provide an effective solution to the problem of "100 meters" delivery。

Although there are now media reports from time to time that the express cabinet will appear "burst",The phenomenon of security guards turning express cabinets into "scalpers";This is a rare occurrence,With the development of The Times,The ease of payment is quietly changing people's consumption habits,Intelligent express cabinet produced by Shenzhen Weijingli Electronics Company,Simple operation,Easy to use,It is sought after by many young people。Today's young people have a strong ability to accept new things, and this group of consumer groups has a large market and a high market share, which will attract the attention and investment of Internet and logistics companies。

June 6, 2015,Sf Express, STO, Zhongtong, Yunda, Prologis five logistics companies joint announcement,Co-invest to create Shenzhen Fengchao Technology Co., LTD,It develops and operates a 24-hour self-service open platform for all express companies and e-commerce logistics - "Fengchao" intelligent express cabinets,To solve the problem of difficult delivery end。And cooperate with Vanke Property, China Aviation Real Estate, China Overseas Property and other real estate core enterprises to jointly create a new intelligent express cabinet service market based on the Internet + policy。The product design of "Fengchao" intelligent express cabinet has covered logistics express delivery, community service, advertising media and other fields, and implemented self-service operation and security through mobile terminals。Standardized facilities and operations can be quickly replicated and crowdsourced。
    The initial investment is 500 million yuan, and the shareholding ratio of five enterprises is: SF Express 35%, STO, ZTO and Yunda 20% each, and GLP 5%。Funnest Technology will operate as an independent third-party operating platform, and investors will not directly participate in the operation and management of Funnest Technology。The business of Fengchao Technology will be open to all express companies, and the business dealings with investors are also independently settled。 There are rookies before and nests after。One is a platform model similar to Tmall, and the other is a self-operated model similar to Jingdong。Ma Yun's rookie network, SF's Feng Nest technology, who will unify the express industry?In the circle are teasing the name of the nest, some people say that from the name, I can see SF to eat the ambition of the rookie, the bird always wants to enter the nest。
    Internet and logistics companies property companies are looking at the market of smart express cabinets, it can be seen that this market contains much energy, otherwise it will not be attracted。Nowadays, everyone is competing for the last kilometer of the city, not only for the distribution market, but for the cake of the O2O market。Logistics is the core of O2O business, which is very important for user experience and improving user stickiness。So it can be seen that the operation of smart express cabinets is to lose money or to seize the cake of the O2O market, let us wait and see。

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